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Should I take music lessons?

Deciding to sign up for music lessons can sometimes be a little intimidating and there can be a lot of questions: Do I have the time? I’ve never played before, what if it’s too hard? These are all things to think about but don’t let that discourage you, taking music lessons is extraordinarily beneficial both mentally and emotionally for children and adults.

Besides the fact that it’s just fun, learning to play an instrument when you’re younger can have a lasting impact; it teaches you use your brain in many different ways without you realizing it. Every time you practice your scales or your pieces you are using multiple parts of your brain to control your fingers, listen to the notes, read the music, all of which gives your brain a jumpstart and can help you out in school by teaching you to think in different ways.

Music will also help you build-up you self-confidence and to conquer fears…think about it, if you work on a song to get it just the way you want it and can get up on a stage and play it in front of an audience then that is a huge achievement and a challenge that you worked hard to overcome!

Lessons are not only beneficial to children; they can be just as valuable to adults. Picking up a new instrument or returning to one you may have played in the past can seem a little daunting but remember it is never too late to learn something new! In fact, adults can sometimes have an edge over kids when it comes to learning an instrument. You have tons of musical knowledge they may not really be aware of from just listening to music for your whole life, tapping in to that can help when learning a new song because you can relate it what you already know.

A big part of taking music lessons is your motivation for learning an instrument, while sometimes kids feel that they have to take lessons for one reason or another, as an adult it’s generally because you truly want to learn the instrument and have a genuine interest in playing it. Music is also a proven stress reliever and is a great opportunity to step back, maybe take a break from the office, and just decompress a little.

Music lessons are a fantastic experience no matter how old or how experienced you are and the most important thing to keep in mind is that even if sometimes it gets hard or you don’t feel like practicing, learning an instrument is an awesome accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself for doing it!

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